Friday, 15 January 2010

Notorius Thugs

After Helicity tweeted about being called the Tyler Durden of EVE I thought I'd share my impressions of a few other pirates I've met (based on nothing but my subjective opinion):


Evil and funny, commands an army of henchmen, likes grandiose plans (like the assassination of Ken Plante). Don't know if he laughs manically on Vent though.


Nasty, scary and foul-mouthed. (Are those Mirkheim and Jyren's next to him?)


Deadly and gentlemanly. And British.


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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

187 On A M*******cking Cap

It was a usual night in the Amamake area, Amamake itself was too blobby so my prober mate was scanning neighbouring systems in search of wormholes. After checking out a few empty ones, he found a hole in Siseide that led to "dangerous unknown space", meaning a high-class w-space system.
Jump in, hit the directional, WHAT? A Moros, a Thanatos and a Damnation on scan. It's not often that you see capitals in w-space, especially dreadnoughts, ships created with POS siege in mind.
My mate quickly jumped cloaked to a nearby planet and started narrowing down my scan to find the POS where those ships sat. But there were only Thanatos and Damnation there! THE MOROS WAS RUNNING A PLEX!
My prober jumped to a planet out of D-scan range and deployed core probes to pin down the Moros. There it was, killing Sleepers at a magnetometric plex, its enormous tank boosted even further by the Damnation at the POS (Thanatos was empty).
My wingmate bookmarked the plex and jumped back to Siseide while trying to arrange a gang in the Python public channel. He jumped into his rapier while I undocked my Hurricane, the shield tank variety which has more DPS than other fits. I didn't think tanking Moros would be much of a problem as even battleship turrets have problems tracking me.
In the meantime, my old partner in crime Jyren's Rage said he was game for it and started rallying more forces. My mate, sitting cloaked next to Moros, said he was finishing the plex so me and Jyren's jumped in to point the capital ship.
Jyren's was in a Curse and together we started eating away at Moros' cap while pounding it with turrets and drones. Our reinforcements started to trickle in: Armageddon, Megathron, Hyperion, another Curse. I think we had another battleship at some point which the Moros managed to kill with just a couple volleys.
Together, we were slowly breaking the dreadnought's tank, forcing him to go into siege mode to repair. He was releasing and recalling some drones but could not do any significant damage after everyone had assumed safe orbits.
This was taking a while: I had time for a trip to Amamake to get more ammo, other pilots even changed ships. Every time the dread entered siege we thought it was the last one but he then managed to do it again.
No one showed up at the field to help him as his mate apparently couldn't fly the Thanatos or didn't want to risk it.
Finally, the behemoth entered structure and its pilot accepted a convo request, starting ransom negotiations. When his structure integrity indicator dipped past 25 percent, we halted fire, awaiting a payment.
This was when his rescue team arrived: Apocalypse, Raven, Dominix, Scorpion, two Drakes, Harbinger, Hurricane, Phobos and a couple Loki. We reactivated out turrets and made sure the Moros died in a huge explosion.
We tried to fight back then but it was clear the field would be theirs. We nailed down a Loki before our ships either died (including my Cane) or managed to warp out.
Despite the losses, that was one hell of a good gank. Congratulations to myself on the first capital kill.