Thursday, 18 February 2010

How To Run A 6/10 In A Cynabal

That's right guys, I'm going to tell you how to run a combat plex.
First, probe out the plex, preferably right after downtime. Bookmark it and google its name to find something like this which will give you an idea of how many pockets there are and what it takes to run it.
According to forums, that particular plex requires a battleship, preferably two. Now, if you're a guy like me who can't fly battleships or just don't want to take such a slow and expensive toy to lowsec, there's no way you can do it on your own. So what do we do?
We wait for someone else to do the boring dirty job, for example a couple of guys in a Raven and an Armageddon. We have our covops wingmate watch them cloaked as they clean up room after room.
As they are about to clear the penultimate stage of the plex, we take out our shiny Cynabal and start catching up with them. The guys have never seen scan probes on their directional so they go on shooting rats and don't bother aligning for a warp-out or moving away from the warp-in point.
Then - BOOM - the last NPC goes pop, battleships start moving towards the acceleration gate to the final stage and our Cynabal warps in on top of them.
There's no point trying to dodge Raven's cruise missiles so I figure I'm better off orbiting the 'geddon at 20 kilometres in case it packs a point. My guns start spraying it with RF Fusion (for Cynabal, all ammo is like Barrage), assisted by a pack of Valkyrie II's and I watch grinning as the battleship's armour, tanked against Thermal and EM damage, melts like butter.
The two plex runners can't hit me for shit but the Raven slowly approaches and activates an energy neutraliser to drain my cap. It takes him a couple of cycles by which time the 'geddon is in structure. My warp disruptor goes off and I start spamming the button to reactivate it as soon as there's enough cap.
Fortunately for me, the 'geddon fails to flee in the few seconds when he's not pointed and soon explodes, but not before his mate warps off realising fully well he'll die just as quickly otherwise.
The rest is pretty simple: enter the final room, kite the overseer until you're out of sentry gun range, kill him for bounty and loot.

P.S. And yes, Cynabal is an awesome ship which I've just started flying and inaugurated in a fight against a French gang of HACs and battlecruisers who had earlier killed my Hurricane. Warped to the gate where a few of them sat at 100 kilometres, Vagabond gave chase and died as the rest of the gang was warping in over 100 kilometres away from us.
Thank you, CCP, for the awesomeness that pirate ships are!

P.P.S. Someone should organise a Geddongeddon just because it sounds so silly.