Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Drag Queen Federation Pwned

What do you do when you have two fleets approaching your pipe system from the opposite directions? Well, of course you make sure they collide.

VJ was in Oyonata when Heavster, a known ally of the Sahtogas-based Dragoon Federation, started aggressing his Tempest at a station with a Drake. Obvious bait was obvious so VJ just docked. Of course a group of Drags and their other allies ARETR soon moved to the Kurniainen gate to camp him there.

At the same time, our friendly scout reported a biggish Russian fleet in Saidusairos.

Bozo went to scout the Oyo gate in something fast and agile and Drags - a Myrm, a Curse and a Drake - aggressed him so he warped off.

The Russian scout was already in Kurn so I convoed him and told him about the group at the gate. Sure enough, the Russian fleet quickly moved in and annihilated the four Drags/friends who were still unable to jump back into Oyo (although I'm not sure how the Anathema managed to die).

As a bonus, Bozo whored on the Curse killmail (check out the pr0 fit).

Drag Queen Federation - as long as it's fun (their real motto)

In other news, I finally bagged a Dramiel kill with my Thrasher of Boredom.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Thrashers Suck!

Really, I haven't flown a ship more boring than Thrasher. I've been trying to do some small-ship solo work with it to record a video but realised it's not worth it.

You just find a faction or T2 frigate, wait for them to eagerly engage you, scram, web, neut and watch them die within mere seconds.

Not only does their support fail to arrive in time, your own buddies fail to make it onto the killmail. Jags, Slicers, Comets, Firetails, Taranii, stuff just melts. My only hope right now is meeting some challenge in the form of a Dramiel or a Daredevil.