Wednesday, 1 June 2011

"I'm at my POS, what could happen to me?"

Yesterday Bozo spotted a missioning Apocalypse in Sosan. As our prober moved into the system, though, an Apoc pilot's corpmate spotted him and the battleship left the mission, hiding at a POS.

Still, our prober decided to linger and find Apoc's POS to see where he goes from there. Now, warping to the moon didn't help (lol nice patch) so he used probes and was soon warping to the battleship at 100km.

Well guess what? The Apoc was hugging an offline tower!

This was quickly dealt with and a lot of laughter was had on Vent.

What do you mean I can be attacked?

The Boring Thrasher vs The Daredevil Daredevil

Not so long ago I said my Boring Thrasher needed a real challenge in the face of a Dramiel or a Daredevil.

I've bagged a Dramiel kill since although it was not much of a challenge.

Yesterday, it was time for a duel with a Daredevil.

I spotted him next door, in Saidusairos, and moved to Kurn to leave my Hurricane and get into the Thrasher. As I was undocking, aligning and loading Republic Fleet Fusion, Inspector Burnside of the infamous Gunpoint Diplomacy appeared in Kurn local.

He had not showed up on d-scan by the time I hit the Saidusairos gate so I was sure he was holding cloak nearby and decided to simply wait.

Indeed, the Daredevil decloaked in a few seconds and started approaching me. With both of us being red flashy, we could shoot at will but I wanted him to aggress first to make sure he does not jump back into Said.

It didn't take him long to redbox me and the fight was on. With the two ships 300-400 metres from each other, our overheated guns were hitting for maximum damage. It was a primitive brutal fight to the death: forget piloting tricks, just fire and hope the enemy's next blow doesn't finish you.

When the smoke cleared, I was sitting there at 82 percent structure next to the Daredevil's wreck.

Scooping the loot (which included a Dark Blood web) and exchanging gf's with Inspector Burnside, I headed back to the station for repairs, my head still dizzy from the quick encounter.

It was that sort of a fight where outcome is determined by your pre-fight actions rather than piloting tactics.

Having analysed it now, it's clear to me that I won because I had jumped to the gate. Burnside had Null loaded and did not waste time on switching ammo before engaging me, which reduced his DPS by about 20 percent.

OK OK, I also had Slaves :) but they wouldn't have saved me if he had CN Antimatter loaded. Although not expecting slaves is what might have caused not to switch ammo. Ah, screw that analysis-shmanalysis, GF Inspector Burnside!