Monday, 25 October 2010

Just a Little Bit

After putting my criminal activities on hold for some time due to factors that include major female Achura aggro I was able to roam the New Eden once again for a bit.
First, I spotted a missioning Drake in Iges which my wingmate quicly tackled in his Arazu. I warped in a Drake of my own but soon realised I was not going to break his multi-SPR tank. So I docked and got an Ishtar instead which worked much better. As the Drake hit armour, the pilot offered a ransom of 50 million in local chat which I was going to accept -- but it was too late as the Caldari battlecruiser popped. I explained the situation to the pilot as I was checking out his wreck and quickly realised why he was being so generous. There were two low-grade Crystal implants in his cargo hold worth about 90 million in total, both of which dropped.
Later on the same day I spotted a missioning Deimos in Uphallant. Unfortunately, he had finished his mission by the time I got to the site so I killed his salvaging Exequror instead. The pilot, who was very polite and understanding, opened up a private chat and offered a frig duel saying he'd bring a Rifter. Sure enough, soon (but not only after I killed a mining/baiting Blood Money Scythe together with my corpmate xerses0) I was back there in my own Rifter, of the Medium Shield Extender variety. The duel was quick and predictable due to my opponent being inexperienced and having Tech I guns.
I docked in the same system afterwards and soon spotted a Wolf in an asteroid belt. Now that would be a good chance to test my Rifter's power! Warp, load Barrage, change my mind, load RF Fusion, approach, overload, orbit at 500m, outtrack the poor assault frigate, pop him while staying at about 30 percent armour, exchange gf's. FUCK YEAH!
Turns out the pilot was from the same Fendahlian Collective alliance I mentioned in my last log, and belonged to the properly named theL337 Corp.
That's EVE the way I like it!
By the way, to improve your Rifter-fu make sure you read Wensley's awesome Rifter guide.