Friday, 16 March 2012

Gank Noir

Audit Log 50.1337 - Vladimir Norkoff. Lazily exploring the Forge and Lonetrek lowsec areas. Guristas Provisional Outpost. Will probably yield nothing but worth a try. An Ishkur enters Otsasai just seconds before me and the pilot's name looks familiar. Vladimir Norkoff. Internal Revenue Service. Taxman. A gum-shoe at the service of hoods who suck the blood out of businessmen. Wonder what he's doing here, rubbing shoulders with trouble boys. The gunsel spends most of the time issuing back-tax claims in high-security areas. Whatever. I have a business with Guristas greasers.

Warp to the outpost and Norkoff is here. Tax collection must be paying poorly these days. Doesn't engage me though. So I pretend to be a clueless ratter and clear the pocket.

EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Otsasai
Vladimir Norkoff > feh everything is locking me up in there
Nursultan > nbody likes taxmen
Vladimir Norkoff > apparently not
Vladimir Norkoff > much better when there's only you locking me
Vladimir Norkoff > ..... ok so no warping in here

Yeah. Right. I warp to the second pocket and proceed to activate all the triggers, prompting a Dread Gurstas cruiser to show up. Some rats aggress me. Others throw lead at Norkoff who has followed me into the pocket and made his way to the faction cruiser. This is becoming annoying. I shoot the Dread Gurista as I approach him. And lock up Norkoff. The dick probably wants to snatch the loot and fade.

Not from me. Overheated point lands on Norkoff's Ishkur. Web follows quickly. I let my gats explode. He returns the favour. Drones buzz around both of us. His tank gives up rather quickly. Norkoff kicks off. I grab the loot. Dread Guristas dropped dust.

Nursultan > gf
Vladimir Norkoff > poopy
Vladimir Norkoff > hardy a gf
Vladimir Norkoff > everything in there was shooting me and you were in a BC dude

And you chose to stay there and test my patience. Dude.

My tax rebate stands at at 3,595,110.00 ISK.