Sunday, 27 September 2009

Trading War Stories

A minute after I have destroyed a Wolf ratting in Amamake's III-1, I get a convo from its pilot.
Nursultan > 0/
Ryddic > give me 60 milion o i declar war you
Ryddic > i and me alleans declar war you
Ryddic > 60 milion
Ryddic > have 5 minut time
Nursultan > hahaha
Ryddic > wtf you ahahah mother b---
Nursultan > i'm at war with all eve
Ryddic > ???
Ryddic > you us a noo
Ryddic > and your corp is dead
Ryddic > 60 milion
Nursultan > please go ahead
Ryddic > ???
Ryddic > no pleas no
Nursultan > wardec me
Ryddic > you give me 60 milion o your noob corp is dead you no undestand
Ryddic > ok
Ryddic > ahahahahahah
Ryddic > 3 player
Ryddic > huhuhuhuh
Ryddic > 60 milion
Ryddic > o you is dead lol
Ryddic > onorata societa (corp link)
Ryddic > is cor for me friend
Ryddic > and declar war your corp
Ryddic > +
Ryddic > me corp
Ryddic > +
Ryddic > hikage (corp link)
Ryddic > you undestand
Ryddic > ??
Ryddic > 50 milion
Ryddic > 30 ship
Ryddic > 20 fitting and rig
Ryddic > camon
Nursultan > Ryddic, I will not pay
Ryddic > no isk...ok pay in pod and ship....
Ryddic > for me is no problem
Ryddic > you dead no me
Ryddic > o
Ryddic > 50 milion
Ryddic > o clos your corp
Damien Korrybane > ?
Nursultan > i'm waiting for your wardec
Nursultan > bye

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Staring At The World Through My Overview

Aaaaaand, I'm back!
I haven't posted for a while due to playing too much and missed the first anniversary of me going rogue, a nice opportunity to look at what I have achieved. Yes, just over a year ago, inspired by Ka Jolo and Wensley's blogs, I bought a few Rifters and some mixed T1 and T2 modules, established a base in the Sujarento solar system and started my pirate career.
On August 31, I spotted a Kestrel in a belt and engaged it. I'll never forget the adrenaline rush of that first fight: my hands were shaking as I typed "gf" into local chat after getting beaten by the Caldari frigate. The loss did not frighten me and less than an hour later I scored my first kill, a Tristan class frigate. Ever since, I knew what my career in Eve would be.
Since that day, according to statistics, I have destroyed 740 ships worth 17.3 billion isk and lost 234 ships worth 4.1 billion isk.
A lot of things have changed within that year. I improved my skills and learned to fly assault ships, cruisers, battlecruisers and heavy assaults. I have moved to Amamake. I have joined and left Starbridge, a corporation where I had learnt a lot about various aspects of Eve. I then joined Pyrotechnics, a once active young pirate corporation which has since become much smaller. I have met and parted with a number of other pirates, joining forces for great kills and fun roams. I have acquired a wingmate skilled at the art of probing out ships in space. My security status has dropped to -10.0.
But some things remain the same. I still enjoy a good fight above anything. I still feel a wave of excitement as my ships comes out of warp next to a target. And I still think piracy is my job in Eve.