Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Staring At The World Through My Overview

Aaaaaand, I'm back!
I haven't posted for a while due to playing too much and missed the first anniversary of me going rogue, a nice opportunity to look at what I have achieved. Yes, just over a year ago, inspired by Ka Jolo and Wensley's blogs, I bought a few Rifters and some mixed T1 and T2 modules, established a base in the Sujarento solar system and started my pirate career.
On August 31, I spotted a Kestrel in a belt and engaged it. I'll never forget the adrenaline rush of that first fight: my hands were shaking as I typed "gf" into local chat after getting beaten by the Caldari frigate. The loss did not frighten me and less than an hour later I scored my first kill, a Tristan class frigate. Ever since, I knew what my career in Eve would be.
Since that day, according to statistics, I have destroyed 740 ships worth 17.3 billion isk and lost 234 ships worth 4.1 billion isk.
A lot of things have changed within that year. I improved my skills and learned to fly assault ships, cruisers, battlecruisers and heavy assaults. I have moved to Amamake. I have joined and left Starbridge, a corporation where I had learnt a lot about various aspects of Eve. I then joined Pyrotechnics, a once active young pirate corporation which has since become much smaller. I have met and parted with a number of other pirates, joining forces for great kills and fun roams. I have acquired a wingmate skilled at the art of probing out ships in space. My security status has dropped to -10.0.
But some things remain the same. I still enjoy a good fight above anything. I still feel a wave of excitement as my ships comes out of warp next to a target. And I still think piracy is my job in Eve.


  1. It is a great shame that Pyro didn't really work out as planned . . .

    I am however currently embroiled in a similar project, there would always be a place on the payroll should you wish to jump ship (so to speak) we could do with pirates like yourself to pass on their knowledge to the next generation of vile lowsec dwellers. :)

    We are based in Molden Heath but have an outpost in Amamake...

    Sorry I'll stop now, I've got the recruitment bug flowing through my veins :p

    FLy safe (but not too safe) and remember . . . . carebears are not people!

  2. Acctualy carebears are people but we have to improve they for right direction. Is our mission and we have to do our best.