Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Your Bark Was Loud, But Your Bite Wasn't Vicious

Yesterday I came across a couple of Brutix class battlecruisers whose pilots had gone offline with aggression timers on. Sure enough, I destroyed both.
The first one was TwiceDAsiZe of the Python Cartel and Spectre asked me in local chat to pop his pod for letting that happen.
The second was DonHel from House of Houses. I couldn't find their killboard so I don't know what his mates' reaction to that was.
But DonHel himself was apparently furious when I met him in Olfeim today:

EVE System > Channel changed to Olfeim Local Channel
DonHel > you lil fucker
DonHel > how the duck did u do it?
DonHel > i must know
DonHel > killing an offline brutix
Nursultan > no need to be rude
Vladimir Nabokov > sup
DonHel > \o
Vladimir Nabokov > so what are you guys up to in this dead end system
Cirridan > where up to no good
DonHel > wondering how nurultan killed an offline ship
Cirridan > i think he used guns :) but that is just a theory
DonHel > want to 1 vs 1 nurs now that i'm online?
Vladimir Nabokov > oh you can probe out an offline player if you get him within 1 minute i think
DonHel > only if they have agression flags
DonHel > good question
Nursultan > DonHel, free tip: it's 1 minute WITHOUT aggression flags and 15 MINUTES WITH THEM
DonHel > so 1 vs 1 now?
DonHel > or do i need to log?
Nursultan > what ship class?
DonHel > BC, BS, HAC i dont care
Nursultan > i have none of that here
DonHel > AF?
Nursultan > t1 frig?
DonHel > k, i got a rifter nurs
DonHel > where u want to meet?
Nursultan > undocking in a sec
Nursultan > accept fleet and warp to me
Cirridan > may i watch?
Cirridan > or do you feal to threatned
Nursultan > why not
Cirridan > by my awesomeness :P
Nursultan > btw drop the scpa charge
DonHel > who?
Nursultan > cirr
Nursultan > don, you coming?
DonHel > i dont realy have a rifter
Nursultan > drop your current fleet
DonHel > havnt seen your ship on scan yet either
Cirridan > i can lend u 1 donhel
Cirridan > if you lose my baby i will me mad :P
Cirridan > my ships are my children
Nursultan > ugh, why did yoou have to lie to get me undock?
Nursultan > and then come out in a jag?
DonHel > i dont fly crap
Nursultan > and i don't have an af here
Nursultan > so sorry dude
Sen Palpatine > someone loan him a rifter :)
Sen Palpatine > nigh olf
Cirridan > i can sell u nurs an AF
Nursultan > i dont need it here and now, thanks. it's don who wanted a fight

I don't think this needs any comments.


  1. House of Houses.. My new favourite noob-corp in the area!

  2. Hahaha. I love those HoH guys so much. They talk a huge game but they're the worst pilots I've ever seen. We killed two more of their battleships last night and they whined like little girls. Nice job Nurl.

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  4. haha! gotta love when noobs try to roll with the big boys, fail, and end up QQing all over local in one failtastic attempt to make them selves feel like their better then you.

    take em out Nurs, do it for teh lulz-> http://i183.photobucket.com/albums/x215/sadinshadow/1245205011799.jpg :P

  5. aww look sta how the lil ole puppy barks at nursultan...isn't it cute...it is so angry that it's litle bone was taken...aww cute it is growling at you...

  6. Nice job Nurl, HOH are fail.. More HoH tears pls..