Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Trigger Hippie

I've podded people too much lately. It has become an instinct to lock a pod after a ship goes boom. But I really should think more about what I do after that.
The first case was a young Drake pilot running a mission in Siseide. Oblivious to scan probes, he let my mate pinpoint is location to which I then jumped in my Hurricane. I landed a bit too far away so the Drake warped out but soon he returned to the mission site and I got him. We were the only pilots in the system at the moment. I destroyed the Drake, managed to catch the pilot's pod and started negotiating a ransom. My victim was a bit slow with his replies, probably contemplating my offer, and finally said something like "bleh k". At that point I noticed local spike and, being a paranoid that I am, decided a rescue mission may be on its way. I one-volleyed the pod just as its pilot was typing, "wait a sec, I'll transfer the money". Argh!
I felt really bad about the whole thing and sent some money to the guy along with apologies.
The second case took place in Olfeim, a lowsec dead-end frequented by carebears. I spotted a Thrasher in a deadspace complex and went after it in my Wolf. As I engaged the destroyer, a Hawk assault frigate jumped in and started locking me. I quickly finished off the Thrasher, podded its pilot and overloaded my midslots to catch the Hawk. It was a long fight as he kept moving away and I was using short-range ammo, but in the end he died too. With adrenaline rush preventing my brains from working properly I quickly podded the Hawk pilot as well. WHY?!!! I should at least have tried to ransom!!!
Finally, I had a fight with Venom Orchid of the notorious Hellcats. I spotted her Rifter in Amamake's III-1 and started approaching in a Rifter of my own. She accepted the implicit duel offer and we were soon circling each other, shooting and repping. I won the fight (Venom said she was a bit slow with overloading her guns and actovating the repper) and again instinctively locked the pod. I didn't really want to pod Venom and started looting her wreck while thinking about my options. I mean, it's not every day that you get to have a sexy pirate chick next to you, scrambled and defenceless... Oooh the perverted fantasies!
"GET OUT!" a warning from my fleetmate, Leeloo Malaquin of Genos Occidere, brought me back to reality as a Pilgrim recon ship showed up next to us, probably after warping to Venom's wreck. I warped to a safespot as he was locking me, saved by the fact that he went after Venom first. Again, I felt like a dumbass for letting some random guy pod Venom, although she didn't seem to be upset with that.
WTB podding management courses.


  1. Even if I had been on the ball faster, I think I was keeping an eye on that other ship about 100k off, you would still kick my arse. But, I'm always game for another try if you are. :P As for the pod, hell, it's just a pod and I'm a capsuleer, I got another one. ;) Of course no hard feelings, I love a good fight and the potential of pod goo in space is just the haps of EVE. I wished you had podded me instead of that asshat that took it from you. :D

  2. Oh and question is, did you come back for my corpse, no details though. :P

  3. I've never realized it was that easy to pod people. I've been under the impression that as long as you are spamming warp when you die...getting podded in lowsec is pretty impossible.

    Making me think twice about my random forays into lowsec with my implants now...

  4. @Venom: No, I did not return to pick it up, my bad.

  5. @Cyber: What you said is generally true, but sometimes you panic and forget to spam the button or your overview is cluttered and you choose the wrong object or you are too busy micromanaging modules/drones in a close fight or simply the lag gets you. And sometimes you just run into smartbombing battleships.

  6. I have that same problem.. Ask all my m8's, im addicted to podding! On my return to pirating I went from -1 to -9 in just 2 days!! Yet some of our newer pilots that have been in the corp for week have not yet reached blinky status, yet still getting some kills. There is something about the splat!

  7. Hey Nursultan,

    I've added your blog to a list of EVE players blogs on my own blog(, I was wondering if I could have your in-game main character name (And possibly alt names). I'd also like to be able to contact you through an instant messaging program my email address is also my id for GTalk, MSN, AIM and ICQ. and my twitter account is th3elitist.

    Hope to here from you soon (Through IM or Email).

    Regards, Xeross/TheElitist