Thursday, 20 August 2009

Heart Beating Fast, Time To Die

OK, let's point that Ishkur, done, open up with Barrage rounds, ugh what? He's too close, I'm scrammed! Not to worry, my ECM drones should jam him in no time. Damn, his drones are killing them! Arrgh, a Vengeance has arrived to help him! They've killed my mate's Rifter! My drones are now gone! BEEEEYAAAAAATCH!!!
This is how I lost my first shiny Vagabond, a Tech 2 cruiser that has become my favourite toy lately. I made so many mistakes it makes me cringe: going after an Ishkur with a nos fitted instead of a neut, losing control of range, failing to check intel... I really deserved to be punished for that.
Fortunately, that Vagabond (rigged for speed before the nano nerf) had had a good run before dying, killing a couple of expensive battleships and lots of smaller stuff. And a replacement will probably be cheaper thanks to the introduction of smaller rigs.
I really need to learn a lot of things about flying it properly though: what distances to orbit at, how to manage my cap, how to engage some tougher targets.
Now, please, CCP, let it be a quick server update!!!


  1. o/ Nursultan! I just got in Vaga's too! Thought I'd be crazy efficient with it, but I'm so gung-ho I've lost 4 already >_<

    Good luck, looking forward to more!

  2. XD yup, they made short work of us. when i looked over the killmail and noticed the ishkur was from the tuskers, i wasnt surprised we were roflstomped lol

  3. I hear that people don't usually lose HACs for a long time after getting them. How long did you have yours? The nano nerf was months ago wasn't it?