Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The Bloody Saturday

Here's what I've done within the last three days:
- killed 10 frigs, 3 destroyers, 4 cruisers, 1 interceptor, 1 covert ops ship and 7 pods
- lost five Rifters.
I think I've also set my personal record for kills within 24 hours - 19 ships and pods.

It all started on Friday night. I undocked in Amamake and began checking nearby solar systems for targets. It didn't take long: Herbatrix's Caracal was dealing with a battleship rat in a belt in Dal and quickly died under my Rifter's fire. I snatched and killed the pod too. My next target was Axebearer in his Thrasher in Amamake. He also failed to save his pod.
About an hour later I scanned down and destroyed Flash StingeR's Osprey in Egghelende where he apparently planned to mine peacefully. He sent me a funny message in Russian in which he called me a "slit-eyed hydrococksucker". Thanks, man, that totally made my day!
I stayed in Egghelende for a while and soon caught The FaIIen's Rifter in a belt and then destroyed Midla's Catalyst that drifted too far away from a station. Podded him too. I then decided to have some sleep and docked up for the night.
I started the next morning by killing GunRo Chin's Probe in Auga and podding him. Gotta love the new scanning mechanic that makes pilots completely oblivious to what's going on around them. Got a message from him as well, asking if that kill had made me satisfied. Yes, thank you sir.
Back in Amamake, I attacked Omegadeity's Rifter in a belt, but by the time I finished it, a couple of guys from the Drunk Gang arrived and destroyed my ship as well. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. I jumped into another Rifter and went on searching for targets.
I found Aiya Kiko's Crusader in a belt in Siseide and she apparently decided to fight me, closing the distance quickly. Her DPS was good, but my tank was better. She was cool about it, unlike some of my previous opponents.
Half an hour later, I was in Amamake again. VarWar RUS was up for a Rifter duel after I arrived at his belt and we went for it. I ordered my ship to stay at the 7.5 kilometre orbit and shot from afar with Barrage. It turned out VarWar had Hail loaded and was thus unable to hit me from that distance. We chatted for a while after the kill and I explained my tactics to him. VarWar soon came back in a new Rifter and tried it out in a "no killing" fight with me. We then ganged up on Kacmop and destroyed his Rifter. Before that, however, I managed to lose my own Rifter while trying to kill a Maller together with Krrak in his Thorax. Everything went well until Snakefartz arrived in his Rapier and helped the Maller kill both of us.
Another hour later, I was in Egghelende killing Royalhunter's Punisher. This place is truly a gem, bordering on so many high-security systems and always full of targets. Just eight minutes later I scanned down an Incursus and a Punisher in a belt there, both transmitting their novice pilots' names openly. Seeing this as an invitation, I warped to the belt.
It wasn't as easy as one could have expected because the guys seemed to be well prepared: they both tackled me and the Punisher activated his energy neutraliser, quickly draining my cap. I overloaded my high and low slots and focused my fire on the Incursus which I managed to take down. I then turned to the Punisher, my cap at zero by that time, and was gaining the upper hand when he warped out. Stupid me, forgot to activate the scrambler when cap started to regenerate.
After a bit of rest I decided to bring some violence to the Olfeim system - an isolated lowsec pocket not far from Amamake. I got a Rifter hauled there and started scanning the belts. Pretty soon I spotted a Rupture and Thrasher who seemed to be ratting together, once again their rookie pilots' names visible to everyone. I decided to take out the Rupture first and settled into a tight orbit around it. The cruiser sent its Tech I drones afer me which a started to dispatch one by one when suddenly my speed dropped to zero - must have hit a bloody asteroid. The Trasher closed distance by that time and together they made short work of my Rifter.
I decided to raise the stakes and got a Wolf hauled to Olfeim. Immediately after undocking I found a Stabber in the same belt where my Rifter had died. I warped in and landed on top of him which meant quick death to the cruiser that relies on speed and distance. And its pilot's pod.
A bit later I also killed a Merlin in the same system which belonged to the same corporation as the Rupture that had killed me before. Ah, sweet revenge.
That was it for my Saturday killing spree. I spent much less time in space on Sunday, killing Euripades' Stabber and pod in a belt in Dal and Original Me's Cormorant in Egghelende. Lost two Rifters as well - one when trying to kill Euripades' Rifter (got jumped by a Dominix, a Punisher and a Manticore) and another in a duel with Drek Grapper (I always bump into him when he's got the low-grade Slave set).
I continued on Monday night and killed Cpt Kunaaii's Punisher in a belt in Siseide. Just a few minutes later, I scanned down Psykeu's Helios at a planet and destroyed it as well, snatching the pod. I love Apocrypha!
Finally, this morning I took a quick roam around my hunting grounds and Kazaji, seeing my ship, offered a Rifter duel. He employed a tracking disruptor, but still could not hit me from 7.5 kilometres while I ate away at his shield and armour. Gf's were exchanged.
Now, next time I'll probably try employing a prober to get a taste of w-space. I hear it's fun.


  1. Wow, your weekend was the exact opposite of mine. I am definitely coming on a road trip to see what I can find!

  2. Im realy whant to see some video from you.
    :)Such weekends noteworthy of
    full size move.

  3. How do you keep your name from showing in public?

  4. Right click on your ship, either in space or inside a station, choose "Set name" and change it so it doesn't look like "Bass Indy's Raven".

  5. Wow, now that's what I call an active weekend! Kill some for me too mate...

  6. Hey.

    We had a nice, quick fight. If only you were fit for close up, if only. :)

    Didn't know you were a blogger! Was reading Wensley's, and noticed your name (and link)! Another blog to bookmark. I'll be looking foreward to reading your future adventures. An honour to have danced with you!

    Fly reckless,

  7. Really nice to hear from you guys. Brutus, I hope you come back soon. Kazaji, it would be interesting to know about your adventures as well.
    Maybe some day we'll finally manage to put together a Rifter gang.