Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Runnin' **** As If I Was A Mayor

Last weekend, a month after joining Pyrotechnics Inc., I became its CEO.
Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with my outstanding charisma and leadership skills.
The real reason for my promotion was that most Pyro pilots have either left or quit or become inactive.
BiggerGuns started Pyrotechnics as a pirate corporation for newer pilots, the place where someone could get those kills required by corporations like the Tuskers, he told me. So he recruited a lot of new pilots and a few experienced pirates including Romeo Blakstorm. Things were going pretty well in the beginning as 'Guns and Romeo taught them the ropes of piracy.
But then the newer players started going inactive or leaving, probably tired of piracy.
And then Romeo left and 'Guns first stepped down as CEO and eventually quit the game for good.
Kaoticar, who succeeded BiggerGuns, soon also decided to pursue a different career and passed the CEO title to one of the players who at least showed up online from time to time.
I could not take over at the time due to the lack of skills but started training them. Unfortunately, our interim CEO quickly tranferred the title to another player before I asked him to wait for me. This weekend my predecessor finally logged on and, after seeing my message and talking to Ashnazg, passed the reins to me.
So what have I inherited? A corporation with 14 members but only one active pilot besides myself - Arquebie. Now he is a great pirate and I'm glad he's still with Pyro.
What's the plan? I have asked everyone else to state if they are committed to piracy or be kicked in a month. I will not recruit very actively and will seek mature, self-sufficient pilots who'll be able to fly solo or with other people when no one else is around - just like me and Arquebie do.
I also need to do some organisational stuff like setting up a new forum (already set up a new killboard here).
Now, if anyone would be interested in joining us, please visit our public channel "pyrotechnics" or contact me ingame. I still want the corporation to grow, just not at the cost of quality.

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  1. I wish you guys the best of luck. See ya out there, with blood on the guns. :)