Monday, 24 January 2011

Some Day

"A Wolf on scan," reported my scout, "Close to Iges V."
Looking at the local chat, it appeared most likely the ship belonged to someone from The Bastards pirate corporation or its associates. With potential escalation in mind, I chose to undock a trusty Hurricane battlecruiser and warped straight to planet V's only belt, which turned out to be empty.
"Probe it down, must be safespotted."
Less than a minute later, the scout sent me into warp towards the target's location. It was indeed a member of The Bastards' feeder corp who appeared to be aligned but did not warp off for some reason and quickly melted under my guns' fire.
Soon after I had looted the wreck and docked, though, another Hurricane appeared on scan. A quick check revealed it to be the same pilot, at the same location!
A battlecruiser with likely support - time for some Hyperion action. The scout set up a warp-in while my battleship was leaving the station, allowing it to land about 15 km from the Cane which was already joined by a Drake.
I burned towards them and the Cane closed distance as well, apparently planning to brawl. Scram, web, guns, neut, drones on the Cane. Reinforcements arrive in the form of a Brutix and a Dramiel while the Drake moves out to 20 km away.
My ships starts to take a pounding but two large reppers are patching it up quickly enough.
Shield tanked (bad idea for a brawl) Cane goes down and I switch to the Brutix which, naturally, got very close to me. The Brutix, having no tank at all, explodes much faster and the Drake leaves.
I try to hit the Dramiel but even with neuts, scram and web on him neigher my large blasters nor my Ogres can hit the damn frig so I just leave and do the victory dance:

A second fight for my new battleship and a very satisfying one, especially compared with a terrible loss we suffered in a fight against Jack Coutu and his mates the night before.
"Some day we will get this Nursultan," says one of The Bastards in local.
That applies to you as well, Jack!

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