Monday, 28 March 2011

I've Got the Tower!

My mate was on his routine patrol of nearby wormholes when he spotted an Amarr Control Tower on his directional scanner. We have a habit of visually establishing the location of every tower we find because there's a slim chance it will be unanchoring or will have run out fuel, making modules like corp hangars vulnerable to attacks.
Upon warping to that tower, my mate saw that it was unanchored! There was also an industrial ship dropping fuel in cans next to the tower, accompanied by a Harbinger and a Legion, all of them apparently coming in through a different wormhole.
My associate VJ, who has recently acquired a cloaky hauler, was called in. Embarrasingly, though, when he tried to scoop the tower we realised his cargohold was too small due to the absense of rigs. Time for plan B!
VJ scooped the fuel and rushed back to switch to a combat ship. The owners of the tower were nowhere to be seen.
In a few minutes me, VJ and our associate in a Mammoth were back in the wormhole system. Just as Mammoth was aligning to warp out with the tower in his trunk, the three other pilots, all from the Revival of the Talocan Empire alliance, showed up on the d-scan. Their Harbinger landed next to where the tower had been but failed to scramble the hauler, telling him to return the loot in local instead.
VJ's Tempest was there as well by that time and pointed the Harbinger while I sent my Mega into warp. The Harbinger was joined by a Legion and then warped off, apparently stabbed. The Legion wasn't stabbed though and stayed to fight for some reason despite being fit for PVE. Needless to say, it didn't end well for him.
No reinforcements showed up and we returned home, approximately 500 million ISK richer.


  1. You can add forcefields to your overview to determine without warping to them which towers have shields. Easiest way to to add the FF's to the directional and count towers/shields. If there is one less shield than tower, something has it's shields off(at which point you can directional scan each moon from the planet rather than visit each one).

    You can also add the other POS junk in too, to see if they've got vulnerable things to shoot.

  2. @Hallan, thanks for the tips. I do check stuff using the directional scanner but I also like to bookmark towers that I find.

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