Tuesday, 21 February 2012

You better check yo self before you wreck yo self

What's up with tacklers these days? These people fly faction frigs with no tank and engage targets that will take them out with ease.

On Saturday, I decided to finally buy myself a Tier 3 battlecruiser. Making my way to Rens, I was trying to choose between the Tornado and the Talos and finally settled on the latter. Then I opened the market window, typed "tornado" and hit "buy". Nice.

Anyway, I made my way back into lowsec through Bosboger and eventually found myself at the Gulmogorod gate in Amamake. D-scan showed some frig in III-1 so I warped there at 100. A flashy frig was indeed there and it turned out he had a bookmark right next to me to which he quickly warped and tackled my ship.

Shit, shit, shit, lock back, align to Gulm gate, overload MWD and point, shoot. Four or five more frigs warp to the tackler and burn for me. However, I am well out of scram range already and only have two long points on me.

One tackler disappears from my overview (turns out he had warped) so I switch to the remaining one and he's gone in two volleys. As heat builds up in my medium-power rack, I warp to the gate and then to a safespot.

Combat log shows this. WTF? This could maybe work against slow frigs, plinking at them from a distance, but why would one tackle a Tornado in such a ship?

Then, last night, I was out in a Cynabal when a Slicer followed me through a gate to Kurnianen. With a slight hope of getting a fight, I warped to the nearest belt at range, aligned back to the gate and waited. The Slicer pilot only followed me when his corpmate jumped in with a Hawk. However, they warped to the belt at different ranges and while the Slicer landed not far from me, the Hawk was too far away to matter.

I let the Slicer come within long point range and he happily pointed me, calling in more friends. However, by the time a Loki and a Falcon arrived, the faction frigate was already dead and I left the belt.

The killmail showed another fit with zero tank. WTF gentlemen, you are supposed to at least live long enough for heavier tacklers to take over! Oh well, can't complain really, keep engaging me.


  1. The first one I can understand as having been kinda bad, since you killed him in your tornado. I don't know if I can call the second all that bad since you were in a cynabal though. A cynabal should have a much easier time killing a tackler than a Tornado by any stretch of the imagination.

  2. @Truen1ght: Thing is, he was hardly fit to tackle anything at all, save for AB frigs or PvE ships.

  3. Slicer:
    Hah, that's Arrhidaeus old fit! I used it alot when I was still interested in fragile frigs.

    However, attacking a Cynabal - the inty killer in itself - in a MWD-driven-and-bloated tankless frigate simply shows the very beginning of a steep and expensive learning curve ... of a guy named Ashurman, who probably hasn't done this before.

    I was hoping you'd write something about an encounter with a new & MWD-bonused Assault Frig as the new FoTM small heavy tackle.

    EFT says such an AF would stand a good chance of surviving tackle for a while, but that is no real world comparison. Would be good material to write about.