Friday, 17 August 2012


Having run a lot of Magnetometric sites, I've accumulated a sizeable collection of T2 rig blueprints.

But I had no idea what they were worth and could not be arsed to check each one's price individually.

Thankfully, jEveAssets helped me with putting my collection into spreadsheet form.

First I ran a search of my assets:

Then I exported the results into CSV and imported them into Google Docs.

This forum post helped me figure with getting market prices via TypeId.

But of course they were all zeroes as I've been looking up blueprint prices. Fortunately, by looking at eve-central URLs I noticed that ItemTypeID=BlueprintTypeID-1, bingo!

Offset all TypeIds by -1, seems to work... Except jEveAssets has given me duplicate entries in cases where I had multiples of the same BPC. Had to clear that up manually.

Now, let's sum up those figures.


Now I need to find a way to calculate material costs without going insane.

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