Friday, 12 December 2008

An introduction

Hello, my name is Nursultan and I'm a pirate.
Like many others, I did not start killing people immediately upon arriving in New Eden. I spent about eight months in the high-security Empire space running missions for Caldari corporate agents until I felt there should be more to life than mindless shooting of predictable and underpowered enemies.
It was about August this year when I stumbled upon Ka Jolo's pirate diaries. Boy was I thrilled by the adventures he described: fighting against real opponents, inventing new tactics, tinkering with loadouts, setting up traps, ransoming victims, KILLING PEOPLE!
Following Ka Jolo's advice, I bought and equipped a Rifter, trained some basic skills and went to the nearest lowsec to launch my new career. I remember very well my first fight: trembling and sweating, I engaged a Kestrel, a ship generally considered subpar for PvP combat, and was destroyed by its missiles, having learnt that ship type advantage is not enough to succeed.
But less than an hour later I scored my first kill - a Tristan frigate. From that point on I knew what my mission was: bring more violence and destruction to the universe.
Although I've never applied to join Ka Jolo's corporation, the Tuskers, I've learnt a lot from them about setups and tactics as I built up my list of kills and losses. I've stuck to Rifter as my weapon of choice and plan to use it for some more time as I continue to improve my skills at using its weapons and defensive and navigation systems.
This pays off: I haven't lost a frig duel for a month now and yesterday came out on top in a fight against Brutus Severus, a more experienced pilot who had beaten me twice in our previos Rifter-vs-Rifter fights.
Finally, why am I writing this? To brag about how cool I am, of course, but also to hopefully entertain some readers and lure more pilots into the realm of New Eden and, particularly, the darker side of life in EVE.

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