Wednesday, 31 December 2008

One and a half kills

After undocking in my Rifter last night to find Amamake full of gangs I decided to check out neighbouring systems. Soon, I stumbled upon a 12-day old pilot in a Myrmidon. He jumped out of the system soon after I had appeared, but I knew he took one of the two jumpgates and followed him. A perfect setup: there were just two of us in the next solar system.
The pilot started ratting in a belt, displaying his Tech 1 drones, and I quickly engaged him. I noticed he started targeting me so I decided to wait and see if he aggroes first. He did not. Instead he scooped up his drones and moved to another belt.
All right, man, I'll aggro. I scrambled him and started orbiting. He first sent medium-sized Hammerheads after me and then switched to light Warriors. I was taking some damage, especially when slowing down due to asteroids, but my repper was able to compensate that. The other pilot tried saving his drones by recalling and then redeploying them, but they didn't last long.
When there were no drones left, I started attacking the battlecruiser itself. Shield down, armor melting... I opened a convo with my target and suggested that he pay me 20 million isk to save his ship. He agreed and I let the badly beaten Myrmidon go. Hmm, not a bad start.
I returned to Amamake hoping that at least some of the local gang members had left. There were just a few ships on scan, but, sure enough, once two Rifters started a duel in belt III-1 a Falcon uncloaked there and others arrived quickly to finish off one of the frigates. Not my piece of cake, fighting in that belt.
But there was something else on scan that drew my attention: a Cheetah covert ops ship. Those rarely stay on the scanner for a long time, but this one did. Quickly, scanned it down to a station and warped. There it was, moving away from the station at about 600 m/sec.
I decided to try to chase it. On many occasions such chases ended with the other pilot warping away just when I was about to get into scrambler range, but there was nothing else to do anyway.
By the time I was close enough to attack, the stations was more than 150 km away meaning senty guns would not attack me. Lock, scram, web, bang-bang. The pod disappeared quickly, making me wonder what the pilot had been thinking of before. An 88 million isk kill, according to Battleclinic, - a price of a good battleship hull!
Satisfied with that, I docked up for the rest of the night.

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