Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I'm cooking BC's like a pound of bacon

EVE System > Channel changed to Hadozeko Local Channel
EIDREICH HUMA > ocatvian
EIDREICH HUMA > warp to me
Nursultan > gf

I jumped into Hadozeko solar system in my Wolf and warped to one of my safespots to see if there were any targets. A-ha, looks like there's a Harbinger class battlecruiser in a belt. Making things even better, there were just two of us in that corner of Metropolis and a quick check showed EIDREICH HUMA, the Harbinger pilot, was someone I had a chance of taking on. I jumped to a planet to pin him down in a tight cluster of belts.
With that done I initiated warp and checked if I had the correct ammunition loaded into my 200 mm autocannons. Luck was definitely on my side that night as I came out of warp some 7 kilometres away from the target. Lock, scram, nos, fire. His Vespa II drones were already out dealing with rats, but instead of sending them after me Eidreich recalled the drones. That could be bad news: does he plan to release a pack of ECM drones? Hmm, looks like he doesn't. The same Vespas came out a bit later only to melt under my guns' fire. I was orbiting him at a comfortable tight range, completely evading the Heavy Beam lasers' fire.
The Harbringer's shield and armour dropped steadily despite his attempts to repair. When the battlecruiser's armour was below 50%, a third player, OctavianUK if I recall correctly, appeared in local. I quickly hit the scanner to see if he was a threat, but found out he was flying a Buzzard covert ops ship not designed for combat. It was at that moment when Heidreich started desperately asking Octavian for help. Octavian did not respond and soon disappeared from Hadozeko, although that could mean he'd be coming back in a fighting ship. I overloaded my guns to make things quicker.
When my target was well into structure, I ran out of Republic Fleet Fusion ammo which I prefer to use against armour tankers. I loaded Barrage and continued my assault.
Suddenly, the local channel showed several new arrivals. They did not belong to the same corporation or alliance as my victim, but I began to scan the surrounding area frequently to see if someone could interrupt us. Sure enough, two battleships soon showed first on the scanner and then at our belt. Should I retreat? No way! Heidreich's ship had about 10 percent structure left and I focused my attention on him. A few sloooow seconds later, the Harbinger exploded.
Both battleships were locking me already as I aligned for warp. One lock even resolved before I left the belt, but that did not stop me from warping out. Were they carebears or ratters with no tackling gear? Guess I'll never find out.
I was happy with the kill and didn't mind losing the loot. But while I was still waiting out my global criminal countdown the system became empty again and I was able to check the wreck. Thank you, guys! All the loot, worth about 20 million isk was there! I scooped it up and docked as soon as the red timer disappeared, my hands still shaking slightly from excitement.


  1. Holy Hell, that was like Christmas and a Birthday rolled into one, you got the kill and you got the loot later. =/ How do you get so lucky? To you my brethren, I say "Yarr".