Monday, 19 January 2009

Maximum Overdrive

Last week I made my first flights in a Wolf class assault frigate, a ship based on the Rifter hull but with better defensive and offensive capabilities. It has a drawback as well, lacking the third medium slot, which makes it less useful in fighting small and fast ships.
My first fight was against a Thorax cruiser. I destroyed his Hammerhead II drones and settled into a tight orbit to evade his heavy blasters, but his armour was pretty strong so I decided to overload my guns. Unfortunately, I did not turn the overloading off in time and the autocannons broke so I had to leave. Looks like four cannons break quicker than three...
A bit later I took my new ship to Lulm where I saw a Rifter in a deadspace complex. Expecting an easy kill, I jumped in. Turned out I was wrong: the Rifter, piloted by FirenDisco, was much faster than me and orbited at about 15-20 kilometres pounding me with artillery cannons. I tried to throw him off the orbit by maneuvering close to complex structures, but in vain. Soon, my Wolf blew up.
I had another Wolf ready and later on that day I challenged Tefer Bo, who was flying a Vengeance assault frig, to a duel in Amamake. The fight was very close until I overloaded my guns and repper which gave me an advantage. Unfortunately, I then tried to dock before my GCC ran out and got stuck at the docking perimeter for thirty seconds - more than enough for sentry guns to destroy my ship.
With no more Wolves left in my hangar I jumped into my good old Rifter and decided to try ganking FirenDisco together with BiggerGuns, a pilot who has just started a pirate career in the Amamake area. I equipped my ship with a microwarpdrive to be able to catch FirenDisco. But when I jumped into the same plex I realised it did not work there. Fortunately, FirenDisco was not in the first pocket and I just warped out. I apologised for wasting BiggerGuns' time and challenged FirenDisco to a duel. He was fine with that, BUT would only fight inside the plex.
There was no way I could beat him in his lair. Or was there? I checked the available reports on FirenDisco's setups and quickly figured out I could outrun him by dropping the repper and the damage control unit in favour of an overdrive injector and a nanofiber internal structure module. That is, if I overload and he doesn't. Still, the chance was there and I decided to take it.
I returned to Lulm and we quickly agreed on the duel. I found him some 30 kilometres away from the plex warp-in point and started the chase, overloading my midslots. My shield died quickly and armour was taking some damage. I checked the speed of both ships: yes, I was som 100-150 m/s faster. Come on, I've got to make it! When I was at about 40 percent armour the distance between out ships has been reduced to web range. After that, I was only taking damage from his sole missile launcher while my autocannons worked their magic in optimal range.
"Good fight," FirenDisco said in fleet comms channel.
"gf," I confirmed a few seconds later when his ship exploded.
And it really was a good fight, one of the best I've ever had in my career: a nice and strong opponent with an unconventional setup and an environment that limits your options making you come up with a special setup of your own. Nice loot, too - a Gistii B-type Small Shield Booster to partly offset my ealier loss.
Concluding the week, I managed to lose my third Wolf in a fight against a Thorax which had a pack of ECM drones. My ship was quickly jammed and destroyed.


  1. Sounds like an exciting fight! How many ships does the average pilot loose per week in duals and actual fights, I wonder?

  2. I sometimes lose up to 5-6 a week.