Monday, 6 April 2009

Clickity-clank. Clickity-clank. The money goes into my piggy bank

Amamake's busy as usual with about 50 pilots in the system. Most are concentrated at a couple of spots indicating relatively large gangs. But my attention is drawn to a Typhoon class battleship which is sitting alone at a belt, its inexperienced pilot's name visible on the scanner screen.
I warped to the belt, settled into a tight orbit and opened fire on the huge battleship. It activated a warp disruptor and sent a pack of Tech 1 drones after me which I soon destroyed one by one. But my armour kept dropping, mostly due to missile hits I guess. I overloaded my afterburner, aligned to a random celestial and soon was free to dock up, repair and get some more ammunition.
When I was back in space, a quick scan showed the Typhoon had not gone anywhere, but had been joined by another Rifter. Andrik R was also circling the battleship and spraying it with bullets. Together, we were dealing enough damage to break its tank and when the Typhoon exploded I quickly locked the pod and sent its pilot into the clone vat.
Among the debris, there were a couple of intact Harvester Mining Drones which I scooped up. I sent Andrik R 75 million isk after checking out their market value.
This was my first battleship kill and my biggest loot drop so far. Should help offset later losses of two Rifters, one of which was completely avoidable - I warped to a safespot which had earlier been busted by the Drunk Gang. Oh well, at least they brought a couple Taranises, an Arazu, a Falcon and a Vexor to kill me.

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