Wednesday, 8 April 2009

A Deadly Duo

Shortly after entering Siseide, a system adjacent to my sweet home Amamake, I saw a Drake on scan, piloted by a relatively inexperienced capsuleer. As I narrowed down my search to a single belt, I saw there were also a Brutix and a Malediction there. I decided to have a look from a safe distance, but the two battlectuisers warped out as I arrived.
Malediction pilot Jyren's Rage, who had negative security status and a bounty on his head, opened a convo and offered to deal with the two battlecruisers together. 'Sure,' I replied and accepted his fleet invitation. I scanned a random couple of belts and there they were, sitting at one of them. I gave the coordinates to Jyren's Rage while warping and quickly tackled the Drake after landing on top of it.
The Brutix disappeared shortly after my partner in crime arrived and together we quickly broke the Drake's shield tank. Its heavy missiles were no good against my Rifter and its neutralizer wasn't much of a problem because I had a capacitor booster equipped - stole the setup from Gneeznow after watching one of his fantastic Getsu Fune videos. As the battlecruiser entered structure, Jyren's Rage left to find the Brutix while I finished off the Drake. He suggested that I grab the loot.
Shortly after, he had the Brutix pointed and helpless with its railguns unable to hit our quick and nimble ships. It didn't last longer than the Drake and this time the final blow and the loot went to Jyren's Rage.
So, within less than ten minutes we destroyed two larger ships worth a total of 75 million isk - way to go for pirate cooperation!
I docked up as we exchaged compliments and agreed to commit more crimes together.


  1. Jyren's a good guy. Nice kills :D

  2. very nice work, good choice working together with that guy. :D

  3. Very nice kills considering you guys were in frigs. Good job.