Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Fuck The Police!

Coming straight from my mailbox:

2009.07.07 17:56

Dear Sir/Madan,

Electus Matari has placed your corporation on its valid targets list (please see for the full list), due to your crimes in Republic space (namely, piracy).

The -5 standing means that our combat pilots are authorized to fire on ships of your organization without warning. It does not usually mean they will hunt you down.

If you need more information, or feel there has been a mistake, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Elsebeth Rhiannon

Electus Matari
Alliance diplomat


  1. Man, they never sent US a notification mail... just put us on the list without a word.

  2. I guess they are being polite because they consider us dangerous;)

  3. Mmmmm danger never looked so good ♥

  4. OHHH NOEEESSS. I am scared for you. Not really though.

  5. Oh man Nurs, I'm very scared for you. This is the end, you might as well giff me ur stuffs. You've been cornered and your career as a pirate is over! Wait....who cares? Like that ever stopped you from killing them before.

    Congrats on the new award, the "I'm on EM's PooP List" trophy