Wednesday, 3 March 2010

How To Save Your Ship From Probers

Was browsing the Genos killboard this morning, looking for interesting fits as usual, when I spotted a discussion following a Claymore loss with a link to this EVE-O thread on how to make a command ship unprobable.
So I thought I should write about a trick that works in a similar way anywhere where you have deadspace pockets with acceleration gates such as missions and combat plexes. This rules out wormholes and 0.0 to a certain extent, I guess, but on the other hand does not force you to gimp your fit with ECCM or use expensive implants.
The trick: a command ship warps to the acceleration gate, MWDs out of grid and then just slowboats in a random direction (preferably away from any celestials).
Now, anyone who probes out the ship lands at the gate in an otherwise empty grid and, as far as I understand, there's no way they can catch the command ship unless they know exactly in which direction it went.
Should be pretty easy to do in any Empire system with agents.
All ISK saved by using this trick should be sent to me.