Monday, 16 January 2012


So, yesterday my corpmate Xerses0 came online for a few hours and there were some gangs roaming in our area, it looked like we could get a fight or two.

First, Xerses spotted a few battlecruisers, including obvious bait ships such as Drake and Prophecy, in Kurn. I boarded my dualrep Domi and warped to the sun where the Prophecy sat, screaming "HEY EVERYONE I'M JUST A BAIT FOR A FLEET SITTING ON A GATE NEXT DOOR!".

We tackled each other and local spiked as expected. Xerses boarded a Domi of his own with remote rep mods to help me. But as soon as their fleet landed, it was clear we stood no chance. Not because of DPS - I could tank their several battlecruisers for a while - but because it included two Falcons and a damp Celestis.

All I could do was pop an Exile pill and control my reps and cap injectors to stay alive for as long as possible. Eventually, I remembered one of my associates had an ECM ship of his own in Kurn, a Scorpion, so I had him come in and try to jam the jammers.

But a single Scorp was no match for their ECM boats and the boring game of "only one side shoots" went on until a couple friends from Sepco warped to us, scaring the hostile gang which disengaged. Meh.

Some time later, another battlecruiser gang showed up in Kurn: three Drakes, a Ferox and a Hurricane. We set for active-tanked Myrmidon and Hyperion and engaged them in a belt. Rather quickly, the three of their ships that were not tackled warped off, unable to break my tank. Most frustratingly, then, the two tackled ships jammed both of us with ECM drones and warped off as well. Meeeeeeeeeeh.

I guess I'll try fitting a smartbomb next time to deal with scumbag weekend warriors.

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