Thursday, 12 January 2012

Slow Times

It's been a long time since I've last updated this journal. After a great summer spent flying with both pirate (mostly Shadow Cartel) and anti-pirate (Matari Exodus) gangs, me and my associates went into a sort of hibernation, occasionally engaging in PVE activities such as missions and exploration to raise ISK and improve my security status.

Yes, I am no longer flashy and can travel in hisec which should help me join Matari Exodus gangs when I'm active again. Those guys are simply awesome and I've learnt a lot about solo and small-gang PVP from them. My associates even appear in one or two videos they've released (linked here).

My new security status means I have to be more selective about what I engage in Empire space and W-space provides an excellent alternative for piracy.

Yesterday, a quick scan of my home system showed two wormholes one of which had a miner and a hauler on scan. They even let me probe them out after which I quickly returned in a Broadsword and pinned down the Retriever whose Iteron buddy had left the Gravimetric site by that time.

With the bubble up, I contacted the pilot and asked him for a 10 million ISK ransom. One volley from my autocannons which stripped his shield and a half of his armour seemed to have sped up the negotiations and seconds later I was warping back to the wormhole 10 million isk richer. Nothing to boast about, but a pleasant return to piracy after a long break.

So what next? I guess I will continue building up my sec status buffer while looking for occasional PVP opportunities. But most of the time you see me in comms channels, I'm safe asleep in my pod or captain's quarters.

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