Monday, 9 February 2009

'Grats to 'Guns and Brutus

Kill & loss statement:
- Killed five frigates;
- Lost one frigate;

This has not been an exciting week. Four of five kills were absolute noobs who barely had time to target me back after I caught them ratting or salvaging in asteroid belts.
One kill, Ryan Pathfinder's Punisher, was a Pyrrhic victory, because shortly after I had tackled him, his friend's Stiletto warped in. It wasn't really doing much damage with its autocannons, staying out of scrambler range, and I started diving between the rocks to throw it off the orbit, but then a "socket was closed" message popped up on my screen. Sure enough, I logged back in just in time to have my pod warp back to the belt to follow my Rifter's fate.

Meanwhile, my fellow pirate BiggerGuns joined the mighty Tuskers - a pirate corporation set up by Ka Jolo. Another mate of ours, long-time Amamake area resident Brutus Severus, scored a 200th kill and reached the coveted -10 security status.
Congratulations and YARR's go to both of them!

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