Friday, 20 February 2009


Sometimes, usually after relatively long winning streaks, I put my common sense offline and overheat the part of my brain that seeks violence above anything else.
That was the case the other day when, after killing 10 ships without a single loss, I took my Rifter to Gulmogorod where I stumbled upon a Caracal sitting in a belt. Its pilot, Norst, had a nice track record on Battleclinic and it was obvious he was baiting me.
Well, that was not going to stop me from engaging the Caldari cruiser. I laughed manically in my head as I warped to the belt, tackled the target and unleashed the fury of my overloaded guns. Pretty soon I started pulsing my armour repairer to try and stay alive as his missiles were hitting me hard. His shield broke when I entered structure, but a couple rounds later my Rifter blew up.
I warped out and exchanged "gf"s with Norst. And I meant it: that fight was more fun than the ten previous engagements which I had won. I know for sure that I would have killed him in my Wolf, although I doubt he would have sought a fight in that case.
There were also a couple of interesting engagements that ended without killmails. The first was a Hurricane I attacked at a station in my Wolf: after I killed a few of his drones, he stopped attacking me and docked in 30 seconds. The second was a ratting Rupture which managed to escape from me because it had an Afterburner fit instead of a Microwarp Drive. I actually caught up with it while it was aligning, but failed to notice my scrambler was off by that time.
Anyway, I guess I'm back in cautious mode, looking for more kills to improve my stats.


  1. Yea, I go through the same cycle myself and I normally end up losing to a blob when I've engaged someone I should have left alone (my last loss for example!). Even in cautious mode though you'll still get a gem of a fight every now and again, and it makes a change not having to send the alt up to Rens every day...

  2. Hey Brutus! Welcome!
    You're right on blobs - that's why I've virtually stopped hunting in Amamake, at least whenever Drunk Gang and Voodoo Tech are there (although it appears from their KB's they're fighting each other more and more).
    As for logistics, I've found it easier to buy hulls in Amamake fetching the rest from Rens which means my hauler alt can buy a lot of "kits" at a time.