Monday, 23 February 2009

Role Model

"I get a brand new Rifter and go on a killing spree
You probably wanna grow up to be just like me!"

How does a carebear turn into a pirate? Here's my path step-by-step:
1) I'm running missions and I'm happy, but getting a bit bored.
2) Tried some lowsec piracy and liked it. Still, my security status allows me to run missions in hisec and I'm going to do it to earn isk.
3) My security status is in a dangerous zone now - must rat and run missions more to improve it otherwise 1.0 systems will be closed to me.
4) OK, I can still fly to Rens - it's 0.9.
5) Now I can't. OK, I'll get a hauler alt for now and improve my ss later. At least I can still run missions in lowsec.
6) Run missions in lowsec? Watching the scanner all the time and being afraid of pirates? No way. At least I have an alt training for Raven who can make isk in hisec.
7) To hell with Ravens! Alt, go train for Blackbird and then Falcon!


  1. Ha ha - love it. My alt was instructed to train for probing/exploration so he can be useful in the hunt and also make me some ISK on quiet days.

  2. Oh yes, I plan to squeeze the probing part between BB and Falcon, want to see what skills become key with the new expansion.
    Yesterday I got so desperate I tried to probe a missioning Hurricane with my main character in a destroyer hoping he'd be behind a gate which I would bookmark to come back in my Wolf. No luck, of course.