Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Call Me Pyromaniac

As hinted in the previous post, tonight, after dropping all th roles in my current corporation, I plan to join Pyrotechnics Inc, a young pirate corporation operating in the Amamake area. I have met its founder BiggerGuns through Brutus Severus months ago, even before he joined the Tuskers. 'Guns has been inviting me to join ever since establishing Pyro and I've finally decided it would be the right thing to do.
One of the reasons behind this decision was a chat with Ashnazg who asked me why I was still with Starbridge. Starbridge is an executor corporation of an alliance uniting mostly Russian-speaking players. What I liked about it was the freedom to do anything I wanted to do. The problem was I ended up doing it alone since most of Starbridge pilots either rarely engage in PVP at all or prefer bigger ships and different tactics such as gatecamps.
Pyrotechnics, on the other hand, favour the same approach as me: frigate- and cruiser-sized ships, quick raids, relatively small fleets, piracy above carebearing. Plus they are based in Amamake, the area where I usually operate.
In fact, while I haven't recruited anyone for Starbridge whiile being a recruitment officer, it was through me that Arquebie, a fantastic pirate, met the guys from Pyrotechnics after which he joined their corporation.
Hopefully, I will contribute to the rise of my new corporation and one day we'll be in the same league as the Bastards and the Tuskers.
If any other pirates reading this blog are looking for a new home, Pyrotechnics might be the place for you.


  1. Before you guys get as big and potent like bastards or tuskers i'll crush you myself. :D

  2. I was always slightly surprised you didn't make this decision earlier. The Pyro guys are a great bunch. Expect to see me lurking in the public channel and even haunting Amamake some times. One thing I've learnt with The Tuskers is that growing a corporation is a lot of fun. Good luck, man.