Friday, 22 May 2009

Mission Busting Tips

I thought I should share some of the lessons I've learnt while hunting down mission runners in Egghelende so there you go:
DO make sure your prober is cloaked at all times. His own probes can decloak him and when he warps to a mission deadspace he usually hits the acceleration gate which decloaks him as well.
DO NOT jump into mission sites with your prober unless his ship is also fit for tackling. Clouds present at many sites will decloak him.
DO scan mission sites before jumping there. Other pirates might have discovered them before you.
DO NOT jump into mission sites with all your gang at the same time. The fastest ship should go in and tackle the target as one ship has more chances to stay unnoticed.
DO remember that microwarp drives do not work inside mission deadspaces. So a traditional interceptor will not be a tackler of choice there.
DO NOT give up if your target warps out. Return to the mission gate and wait. Many pilots return to those sites within a few minutes.
DO a background check on your target before engaging. His mates might be nearby and aa skilled pilot might be able to dispatch you on his own.
DO NOT be greedy. Call for support when you see a tough target.
DO form a fleet with your prober before undocking so that you don't waste time or risk losing your ship.
DO NOT linger at safespots with your killer ship while probing. It's quite annoying to get probed out while probing out someone else.

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