Monday, 4 May 2009

A Long Overdue Update

It's been a long time. My apologies, dear readers, for not writing: I have a habit of blogging at work and I've spent the last three weeks at a different office doing a bit more work.
But this also means I had more time to spend in New Eden on evenings and weekends, which I devoted to roaming with Pyrotechnics guys, Jyren's Rage and his Mayhem Brothers corpmates and a group of Russian players including Nart Apsua, Andrik R, Wolfed and others. Between these groups who in some occasions joined up in one fleet we had some really good kills including a Dominix, a number of battlecruisers and lots of smaller ships.
I have also scored a number solo kills, mainly mission-runners that I had probed out.
But I must say I really enjoy our small (and sometimes not so small) fleet operations. The only problem is we're all too reckless sometimes and I often lose rather expensive ships such as Wolves and Jaguars.
Another problem is comms: first, we don't have a voice facility that our mixed fleet can use; second, it's often made up of players who don't speak either English or Russian. I think I need my own vent server as it's easier to repeat voice commands in two languages than to type twice while also fighting.
That's it for now, I hope to be able to return to at least weekly updates from now on.

UPDATE: Got myself a Vent server now.


  1. Why dont you use the eve voice client?

    You can activate it in any channel or even in your fleet's channel ... no need to get any Vent server. ^^

    Btw, good fight yesterday, a shame that you guys dont use your scrambling gear. (You should really work on that)


  2. Good fight indeed, but also an example of how poor comms can spoil the fun. Between keeping the point on your mate in Maller and managing his and your drones, I had no time to issue a text command for others to tackle your Vexor.
    As for EVE voice, it refuses to work on my laptop and has some other disadvantages such as crashing along with the EVE client.

  3. Why not move to flying T1 cruisers instead of T2 frigs so much? A T1 cruiser will be stronger than most AF's even with T1 or named modules and you'll make almost all of it back on insurance. It would certainly help alleviate the cost problems from losing ships when you are too reckless (and believe me, I understand what it is like to lose a lot of ships stupidly/recklessly).

  4. Wow, Spectre himself!
    Thanks for the advice. I'm trying T1 cruisers from time to time. One big problem with them is that you can get caught at a gate/undock point.
    Between Minmatar ones, would you suggest the Rupture or the Stabber?