Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Go Go Vent!

Ran the first small fleet operation yesterday using my vent server where almost all fleet members were present.
That made a huge difference: Jyren's Rage, flying a nimble interceptor, was feeding intel to me all the time, checking out belts and planets, and other guys were aware of what we were up to - without the need to type all the time in two languages.
I'm not saying this is purely due to voice comms, but we suffered no losses yesterday despite getting into a couple of unsuccessful engagements.
We killed a Thorax that Rage had tackled in a belt and a Vexor I had probed out at a mission site and then another Thorax which was also running a mission (a killmail for that one is missing at the moment). Got the pods from all three as well since they refused to pay ransom.
At one moment we were trying to kill a Raven doing work for one of Empire's agents. A Myrmidon came to his help and we had to keep warping out and in to repair. Then a Chimera carrier showed up, followed by a Scorpion ECM battleship.
We chose to retreat but then saw a large Drunk Gang fleet warp to our opponents and destroy the carrier. Damn, should have fired a round at him!

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